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Terms of Sale & Payment Methods


Set out here below are the Terms of Sale for the E-XCLUSIVE e-shop of COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY with the trade name E-XCLUSIVE, which is based in Thessaloniki, at the address 55, 25is Mariou Street, 54248 Thessaloniki, tel. 30 2310 886868, fax 30 2310 886870 and email info [at] e-xclusive.com, having Tax Ref. (VAT) No. 800469664, Tax Office of Kalamaria (hereafter referred to as E-XCLUSIVE).

Before browsing the pages of our e-shop, the visitor/user is asked to read carefully the following Terms of Sale, which cover the purchases, delivery and returns of goods from our Company carried out through the e-shop. If the visitor/user agrees with the Terms, he/she must accept them by clicking on the relevant field on the Registration Form.

Visitors/users of this e-shop declare and agree that before continuing with browsing E-XCLUSIVE, they read and unconditionally agreed these Terms of Sale (and the Terms of Use). Should the visitor/user not agree with any of the Terms of Sale, he/she is requested to refrain from using the services offered on the E-XCLUSIVE website. Any query or enquiry should be addressed to the Company by clicking on the respective “Contact” link (info [at] e-xclusive.com).


The E-XCLUSIVE website gives the following information on the Company and the products it sells through the site:

The Company address and contact details

A description and list of the main features of the product (composition, fabric and material mix) and the sizes available (using the European size standard)

The price (with VAT), quantity and delivery and return costs

The method of payment, delivery and order execution details

The period for which the offer or price remains in effect

The right of withdrawal

The right to return goods

Special marking to indicate special offers on products and the implications.


E-XCLUSIVE products displayed and sold through the website have undergone extensive and strict controls in select and certified quality control laboratories. These controls are complete and detailed. If by any chance, however, a problem is noted, the user is asked to contact E-XCLUSIVE immediately so that the problem may be resolved.


E-XCLUSIVE executes orders in a way consistent with product availability and the stocks held by the company. Any availability figures given are indicative and in no way are binding on the Company. If a product ordered by a user in not available, the Company will contact the user by email and/or telephone within three working days of the date of order to give the respective information on likely delivery dates or other details on the availability of the specific product and/or size required. If the user is not satisfied that the delivery time will meet his/her requirements, he/she may cancel the respective part of the order, the remaining product order to be completed as normal.


The prices given on the E-XCLUSIVE website are in Euro (€) or Pounds Sterling (£) and include VAT. They do not include despatch costs, which are determined individually depending on method, time and place of delivery. E-XCLUSIVE retains the right to change prices without warning users. The customer pays the price of the product as it appears on the E-XCLUSIVE website at the time of order.


E-XCLUSIVE products are checked rigorously before the despatch of each order so as to avoid as far as possible the despatch of faulty goods. Any substantially defective product sent to the customer from the e-shop where the defect is not the fault of the customer shall be replaced with an identical product as long as such replacement is requested in accordance with the Product Return terms given below. The Company will not be obliged to replace the product if the defect is the result of instructions for use not being followed or of mishandling or of normal wear and tear. In such cases the Company has no liability arising from defects caused by the use of the product.

E-XCLUSIVE offers no warranty as to the quality and/or suitability of products sold for any specific purpose a special use nor does it guarantee the safety and protection of the users of those products.

Customers/users should read the specifications and composition of each product carefully in order to establish whether the manufacture or fabric mix of the final product includes any material to which the user or third party coming into contact with it (e.g., small children) may be allergic, etc.



Users/customers wishing to order goods from the e-shop first add them to their “shopping basket” and then proceed to a) send the order to the Company by clicking on the respective icon and b) to completing the payment form giving details of a payment or credit card or PayPal account or such as are required to pay on receipt of delivery by Hellenic Post (only for sales in Greece). The order is completed by clicking on the ”Pay” icon.

The Company accepts and executes orders in Greece and worldwide. Deliveries are made on weekdays (not Saturday, Sunday or holidays) between 10.00 and 17.00. Each order is executed by 12.30pm on the weekday following receipt of order.


As soon as E-XCLUSIVE receives an order, an order receipt giving the order number is sent from the respective email orders [at] e-xclusive.com to the customer’s email.

The sending of an order by the user/customer to the Company constitutes a proposal for the respective purchase agreement; the order receipt email sent by the Company to the user constitutes the acceptance by the Company of the purchase agreement. The latter contract will only be formed with the despatch by the Company of the above order receipt notification.

Display of Company products on E-XCLUSIVE represents an invitation to the visitor/user to submit a proposal for a purchase agreement.

The package despatched to the customer by the Company in completion of his/her order is accompanied by the appropriate legal documentation (retail sale receipt).


At any time before completing the order, during the electronic procedure of ordering, the user/customer may press the respective “Cancel” icon, thereby automatically cancelling his/her order.

After completing and sending his/her order, the customer may only cancel it by sending respective notification before 12.30 pm on the following working day.


After the completion and despatch of an order by the user, no changes, additions or alterations can be made. If the customer wants to change the order, he/she must first cancel the existing order (see above) and then send a new order.


E-XCLUSIVE  allows the customer to track the progress of his/her order via email notifications each time the order moves from one stage to the next. The customer may also go into “My Account”, using his/her username and password, in order to see at what stage the order is.


Payment can be made in one of several ways:


The E-XCLUSIVE e-shop accepts payment by VISA credit or payment card. Payment may also be made via PayPal. Note that payment can only be in full, not in instalments. Apart from the value of the items ordered, the full amount of payment shall necessarily include despatch costs, which are borne by the customer according to the Table of Despatch Charges.

For purchases using credit or payment cards, the customer must follow the detailed instructions on the website for the completion of the respective fields of the order form. These include the number and end date of the customer’s card. The respective amount is debited from the card once the details and validity have been checked. The customer is solely responsible for the proper record and accuracy of the card details. In any case, the customer declares that he/she is the owner and holder of the card used for the specific transaction.


Payment may be made by payment order to a Company bank account. Payment can be made to any of the following accounts:


IBAN :GR0902600940000080200613273



IBAN: GR9501102110000021100333240


Payment must be effected within three (3) working days of submission of the respective order to E-XCLUSIVE. Otherwise the order will be cancelled and considered invalid. The payment order must without fail refer to the order number, sent by the Company to the user by email in confirmation of receipt of the same.


The customer may pay the employee of the courier company acting on behalf of E-XCLUSIVE on delivery of the goods to the customer’s place of delivery. Payment on receipt of delivery costs 2 €.

Payment on receipt of delivery is not possible for orders outside Greece.

Customer History with Refusal to Accept.
Our customer orders, which in their history have 2 consecutive missions that refused to receive or did not respond to our/courier’s written or telephone information and were returned to e-xclusive, with the indication (NOT INTERESTED – REFUSAL OF RECEIPT), will be accepted only after prepayment – by debit or credit card, paypal or deposit of the total amount of the new order in a bank account of the company.


For purchases with payment by credit card, for the better protection of the customer, receipt of delivery must be taken by the customer himself/herself providing proof of identity (ID card or passport) and the respective credit card. Receipt may not be taken by a third party unless the customer has given written authorisation. In the latter case, the third party must be able to provide the above proof of identity and credit card in order to take receipt of the delivery.


Delivery shall be at the latest within seven (7) working days from the date of receipt of order in Greece and fifteen (15) working days for international deliveries, depending however on the availability of the products. Delivery times may exceed the above in exceptional circumstances and the customer having previously been notified.


Products are dispatched exclusively by Hellenic Post door-to-door service for orders within Greece and by TNT courier company for international sales.

Orders can be tracked through “My Account” and the specific delivery through the courier using the courier tracking number which will be sent by email to the user as soon as it is available.


The dispatch charges depend on the total weight of the products ordered and the method of delivery (standard or express). They are given in the Table of Despatch Charges.

The maximum length of time for delivery is seven (7) working days for deliveries within Greece and fifteen (15) working days for international deliveries, calculated from the day following the receipt of order. Delivery times may exceed the above in exceptional circumstances, the customer having previously been notified.

Despatch charges to the customer depend on the method of delivery and the value of the order, as follows:

– There are no dispatch charges for orders within Greece over fifty euros (50€) in value.

– There are no dispatch charges for international orders within the European Union over one hundred and twenty Euros (120€) in value.

– There are no dispatch charges for international orders outside the European Union over two hundred and fifty Euros (250€) in value.

During the ordering procedure and prior to completion and despatch of the order to COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY, clear indication will be given as to the precise cost of delivery of the goods ordered.

COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY promises to replace any product ordered via the E-XCLUSIVE e-shop that is not delivered in excellent condition.

COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY shall bear no liability for delays in delivery due to force majeure. Indicatively but not exclusively, cases of force majeure include strikes, problems and delays by suppliers/transporters/couriers, terrorist actions, war, currency exchange rate variations, delays due to banking operational issues and the banking system in general, governmental or legislative actions, natural disasters and earthquakes.

Orders are executed at the latest on the following working day after confirmation of receipt. The progress of the order may be tracked via the link sent by email to the user by the Company.


Products are despatched via Hellenic Post (for deliveries within Greece) and via TNT courier services. These organisations are provided with the customers’ details necessary for delivery of orders, such as name and address.

It is company policy not to deliver packages to underage persons without the written authorisation of their parent or guardian.


Deliveries of products ordered from E-XCLUSIVE and despatched to countries outside Greece may be subject to customs duties, taxes and special charges applying in the country of delivery, according to that country’s current legislation. Customers understand and agree unconditionally that the Company can in no way control, influence or foresee the amount of such charges, which shall be borne exclusively by the customer. Customers are urged before submitting their order to address the respective authorities and agencies in order to have the necessary information.


An order may be delayed for the following reasons:

1. Despatch of a product from the company warehouse is delayed. In this case, E-XCLUSIVE will communicate with the customer to ask whether the customer would like delivery of his/her order to go ahead without the specific product or to suggest a replacement product.

2. The product is no longer available. In this case, E-XCLUSIVE will communicate with the customer to suggest an alternative product.

3. In severe weather conditions or in the case of strikes or other force majeure, the transport and delivery of an order may be affected. In this case, E-XCLUSIVE will communicate with the customer as soon as possible to ask for confirmation that the customer wishes to go ahead with the order under those conditions.

4. When telephone and/or email communication with the customer is impossible (and if, e.g., there is a problem with the order or its payment) because the contact details given by the customer are incomplete or incorrect/not updated.



– Please return your item(s) to us in 14 days time, after receiving the package, and do not forget to get in touch before returning!

– All labels and tags must be in place and intact, and the returned items must not have been worned!

– For swimwear returns, the protective hygiene cover should not be removed.

– There is no return for underwear, tights, stockings.

– Please don’t use any faulty items after finding the fault, or we may not be able to provide a refund.

– If there is more than the returned faulty item in the same order, the delivery charge will not be refunded.

– DO NOT SHIP BACK ANY ITEMS WITHOUT CONTACTING US! Please email us at returns [at] e-xclusive.com.


– Fill in the Returns Form provided, or download it here, and include it in the package!

– Re-pack your item(s) in the original packaging, or in a secure, waterproof package!

– Stick the sticky e-xclusive returns label, which was provided in the original shipment. Need a new one? Download one by visiting your profile on our site, under the specific order you have placed!

– Please allow up to 30 days for your refund transaction to complete!

– If you have used Paypal as payment method, we will refund your money as sooon as we receive your returned item.

– If you have used Paypal as payment method and returning faulty goods, we will process your refund as soon as your request is verified, and notified that you are entitled to a refund of the expenses for returning the faulty item back to us!

– Make sure to keep a proof of postage, and also we strongly recommend you to scan and email it at returns [at] e-xclusive.com.

– Return your package via your local postage. The charge is on you. Please don’t post your package without getting proof of postage! Keep it safe in case you need to use this as evidence of your return. It is adviced you send us a copy as well, on returns [at] e-xclusive.com


– Faulty products returned by you will be refunded in full, including a refund for the delivery charges for sending the item. However if there is more than the returned faulty item in the same order, the delivery charge will not be refunded.

– Make sure to keep a proof of postage, and also we strongly recommend you to scan and email it at returns [at] e-xclusive.com.

– Upon receiving the goods, we will examine your request based on the returns form, and either return the ammount of the product in full, or if you are indeed entitled, refund the costs of shipping the products back to us as well. We will notify you by email in any case!


Product returns charged to COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY

The customer has the right to return products purchased on the website with expenses charged to COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY in the following circumstances:

1. Mistake in delivery:

If through the fault of E-XCLUSIVE (mistake made in recording the order, in the invoice, in the despatch) the wrong products are sent to the customer, then he/she may either refuse to take delivery of the product or request its return. Goods must be returned following agreement with the Company and must be in excellent condition, sealed in their packaging, complete and without any wear. The packaging of the product must be that used for the product and be in excellent condition. The product must be returned with the accompanying documentation (receipt, instructions for use, etc.). In this case, the Company will undertake to cover the costs of despatch of returned goods.

To return goods, the customer must complete the “Return Form” and call the delivery service employed by COLOROFASHION PRIVATE COMPANY (either Hellenic Post or the local office of TNT courier services). The Company will undertake the despatch of the correct order (correct order codes) within one working day following receipt by the Company of the incorrect goods, on condition that the respective products are available. If the products are not available, the customer will of course be able to alter his/her order in part or in whole.

2. Defective goods:

Customers must check during receipt of delivery that goods received correspond to their order and, in the case of mistakes, defective or damaged products/packaging or missing products, note these on the Delivery Form. Notification of these observations must also be sent via email immediately or at the latest within three (3) working days from receipt of order.

If a product of poor quality has been purchased, the customer should not accept delivery and must contact E-XCLUSIVE on tel. 30 2310 886868 or by email to returns [at] e-xclusive.com. If the customer takes delivery of the said product, the Company will not accept any return and will therefore not undertake to replace it.

If the customer does not return a product then no replacement will be sent and the customer will have to submit a new order. The customer must return the product in the condition in which it was delivered. If the customer accepts the package and product “as delivered”, then it is expressly stated here that no return of money will be made in any instance.

In both cases above, any return of a product must take place within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery.

It is explicitly noted here that DEFECTIVE here is taken to mean only those products/garments that objectively can be seen to be unsuitable for wear. In no case are garments considered unsuitable and/or defective because they deviate from the pictures on display on the website, which can be attributed to differentiation due to different lighting, exposure, display, photograph analysis, appearance on the computer and printing of photographs. In such cases, the despatch costs are covered by the customer.

Product returns charged to the customer

The customer has the right to return the products he/she has purchased, with full reimbursement of their value, without having to give a reason for their return, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of delivery. The despatch costs are covered by the customer. Returned goods are only accepted if they are in the exact same condition in which they were delivered, in other words without distinctive features having been removed (instructions, labels, etc.) and in their original packaging. The customer should complete and send to E-XCLUSIVE within the above time frame the respective form attached to the retail sales receipt which he/she will have received together with the products.

Upon return of the products ordered as above, the corresponding refund shall be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned goods by E-XCLUSIVE. The refund is made by crediting the customer’s bank account, the details of which he/she will have made known to E-XCLUSIVE.


In returning any product, the customer must deliver it intact, in its original condition and packaging, with all its original product labels, accompanying documentation, etc. (identity data, Retail Sales Receipt, gifts, etc.).


– Available for free only in Greece.

– There is no replacement for underwear, tights, stockings and for products under 15 €.

– The courier company may deliver the new order to the address and will receive the replacement products at the same time. The first time has no transfer costs.

– This service applies to products that have the same or higher cost as the product to be replaced. The difference in cost can be transfered to e-xclusive through Paypal or Bank Deposit or can be given to the courier upon receipt of the package (2 € charge).

– For other Countries outside Greece, please place a new order, and follow the procedure above for Returning Items back to us!



If the user/customer changes his/her mind after receipt of the product, or is not satisfied with it, despite the fact that E-XCLUSIVE has carried out exhaustive quality controls, he/she has the right to withdraw from the sales contract. In this case, E-XCLUSIVE undertakes to refund the value of the returned goods, by bank cheque in the name of the customer as given on the order or by bank deposit into the bank account indicated by the customer or by refunding the customer’s credit card within thirty (30) days of the customer exercising his/her right to withdraw

In accordance with the provision under article 4 paragr. 10 of Law 2251/1994 concerning distance contracts, the above right of withdrawal may be exercised within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the respective product. On his/her part, the customer must return the product to the Company intact, in its original packaging, and undertaking the despatch costs. Returns are only accepted by the Company in the case of goods that are returned intact, in their original condition, together with the retail sales receipt and without having destroyed their original packaging and labelling, as originally delivered. In any other case, the return will not be accepted.

To ensure swift and smooth service, the user/customer who has decided to exercise the above right of withdrawal must complete the “Return Form” included with the packaging. Completion of the Return Form is obligatory.


Discount codes are of specific duration and are placed in the first step of the order. Discount codes may not be combined with other promotional schemes.

Special offer products may only be exchanged for other special offer products.


Users may address all enquiries with respect to E-XCLUSIVE and the above Terms of Sale to the company by phone +30 2310 886868, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 (Greek Local Time),

or by contacting E-XCLUSIVE by email info [at] e-xclusive.com, or by post: 25is Martiou 55, PC: 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece